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Ed Wood chathead.png

Ed Wood is a lumberjack working on the construction of the Digsite barge. He can be found north-west of the Digsite, walking around near a pile of long planks.

If players try to talk to him, he will refuse to talk but say one of a few phrases, such as:

  • "Can't stop. Too busy."
  • "This work isn't going to do itself."
  • "Wonder when I'll get paid."
  • "Is it lunch break yet?"
  • "Ouch! That was my finger!"
  • "Hey I'm working here. I'm working here."

Digsite workmen will regularly arrive to take planks from the pile of long planks he's chopped and tell him to keep it up, to which he'll respond rarely with "I'll be charging overtime, then!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His name is a pun on the name "Edward".
  • "Hey I'm working here. I'm working here." is a reference to a scene from Midnight Cowboy.