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Released 19 January 2022 (Update)
Members Yes
League Shattered Relics League
Tier Fragment

Mixologist is a production-type fragment that increases the chance save a secondary ingredient and to make a 4-dose potion instead of 3-dose in the Shattered Relics League that may be obtained from breaking an unidentified production fragment.

This fragment counts towards The Alchemist and Unchained Talent set effects.

Note: When creating Divine potions using Crystal dust as a secondary ingredient, this fragment consumes 4 dust each time potions are mixed, regardless of how many are created. This may be a bug.

Level Effect
1 Players will have a 25% chance to mix a 4-dose potion rather than a 3-dose potion, with a 20% chance to save the secondary ingredient.
2 The chances to mix a 4-dose potion and saving the secondary ingredient are both increased to 50%.
3 Players will always mix a 4-dose potion and save the secondary ingredient.