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Hat stands are pieces of furniture that can be found around Gielinor used to hold hats.

  • Using most head-slot objects on the stand triggers a chatbox message Oops - it fell off the hatstand![sic] and causes the item to fall to the floor.
  • Most items with a destroy option instead produce It'll probably fall off if you do that., with the item staying in the inventory. Some destroyable items (including the progress hat, Wise old man's santa hat, and Shayzien helm) can be dropped.
  • Using a ram skull helm on the stand gives the message That is too valuable to use here. What if it fell off?.
  • Attempting to use a non-hat item on the hat stand gives the chat message You can't put that on a hatstand.[sic]

In the past, hat stands did not have the destroy restrictions. They were sometimes used to make the drop trick work for destroyable head slot items, including the hats from the 2005 Christmas event, bunny ears, and the ram skull helm.

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are 51 hat stands in the game, including: