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Agmundi chathead.png

Agmundi is a wealthy dwarf that runs a clothing shop, Agmundi Quality Clothes, on the west side of Keldagrim.

Agmundi makes most of her stock from imported wool and thread. Most of it is woven by her sister, Vermundi, who runs a small stall in the Keldagrim marketplace. Her clothing is highly valued amongst the dwarves and comes with a fairly high price tag, but because they are specifically designed for them, they do not fit humans well. Despite this, some players still purchase it.

Agmundi will also occasionally ask players to retrieve an item for her in a short amount of time. If the player delivers the item in time, they will be rewarded with coins or Crafting experience. See Keldagrim tasks for more information.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Stock[edit | edit source]

Sells at: 130.0% • Buys at: 55.0% • Change per: 3.0%
in stock
sold at
bought at
Skirt (lilac).pngSkirt (lilac)330sCoins 250.png 715Coins 250.png 302Coins 1000.png 1,125
Skirt (blue).pngSkirt (blue)330sCoins 250.png 812Coins 250.png 343Coins 250.png 975
Trousers (lilac).pngTrousers (lilac)324sCoins 250.png 910Coins 250.png 385Coins 250.png 991
Trousers (blue).pngTrousers (blue)324sCoins 250.png 975Coins 250.png 412Coins 250.png 778
Shorts (yellow).pngShorts (yellow)321sCoins 250.png 468Coins 100.png 198Coins 1000.png 1,321
Shorts (blue).pngShorts (blue)321sCoins 250.png 507Coins 100.png 214Coins 1000.png 2,110
Woven top (yellow).pngWoven top (yellow)333sCoins 250.png 812Coins 250.png 343Coins 250.png 989
Woven top (blue).pngWoven top (blue)333sCoins 250.png 845Coins 250.png 357Coins 1000.png 1,250
Shirt (yellow).pngShirt (yellow)330sCoins 250.png 780Coins 250.png 330Coins 250.png 963
Shirt (lilac).pngShirt (lilac)330sCoins 250.png 812Coins 250.png 343Coins 250.png 922