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The heavy door in the Warriors' Guild is a door that separates the first floor's shot put room and barrel stacking room, from the rest of the floor. Behind this door, Sloane can also be found, who sells the Strength cape. Opening the door requires level 50 Strength, and can give a small amount of Strength experience. This Strength level requirement is not affected by boosts such as from a Strength potion.

Notably, the northern door seems to provide significantly more experience than the southern door. The southern door either gives 0 or 1 experience per push, whereas the northern door gives anywhere between 0 and 11 experience when opened[confirmation needed].

Strength info[edit | edit source]

In a small-scale test, each door was opened 100 times. The southern door rewarded 1 experience 57 times, with no apparent pattern of when the experience was awarded. The northern door seems to give 0 experience about a quarter of the time, 1 experience for another quarter of the time, and anywhere between 2 and 11 in the other half of the cases.

  1. Randomly rewards anywhere between 0 and 11 experience, with an average of 3.3.
  2. Randomly rewards 0 or 1 experience roughly 60% of the time.