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A wooden shield, the first shield given to the player.

There are several types of shields in Old School RuneScape but the most common are the metal square shield and kiteshield. Most require a certain Defence level to equip.

Shields can be made with the Smithing skill and some can be purchased or sold to the shield shop identified with a shield Shield shop icon.png icon on the map.

Square shield[edit | edit source]

Square shields (or sq shield) are actually rectangular in shape, and may be smithed in all metals and also found in black. It is weaker in all areas than the kiteshield, but has lower magic penalties. The Smithing level required is 8 above the base level for any metal, and the highest shield available in free-to-play region stores is the Iron sq shield.

The anti-dragon shield also has the same shape as a "square" and is an excellent shield for the pure mage, since it has no penalty to magic attack and a small amount of magic defence, otherwise comparable to an iron sq shield.

Kiteshield[edit | edit source]

Kiteshields are better in all areas than a square shield, other than the magic penalty. Getting hold of a good kiteshield in free-to-play requires a high Smithing level, or trading with other players who are either members or accomplished smiths of high level. The Smithing level required is 12 above the base level for any metal, and at 62 for a mithril kiteshield, the gap between levels is already becoming large.

Round shield[edit | edit source]

Round shields are less common than other types of shields and cannot be made with metals. The few that exist have similar combat stats to kiteshields.

Wooden shields[edit | edit source]

Wooden shields are round shields made of various types of logs with the Fletching skill which can then be fletched into leather shields.

Leather shields[edit | edit source]

Leather shields are round shields created from using leather and nails with wooden shields.

Other[edit | edit source]

Other shields[edit | edit source]

Other items in shield slot[edit | edit source]