Magical wheat

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Magical wheat
Magical wheat.png
Released11 June 2007 (Update)
ExamineRegular: 100% wholegrain.
Inner circle: The way into the maze.
Advanced data
Object ID25016, 25017, 25018, 25019, 25020, 25021, 25024, 25025, 25026, 25027, 25028, 25029

Magical wheat is a fast-growing variety of wheat which cannot be picked, but instead must be pushed through in order to reach the opposite side. Several gaps are able to form within the consecutive crop circles in Puro-Puro, where magical wheat can quickly grow, or wither away, allowing players to walk across normally in the latter case.

A schematic map of the wheat that can wither away (marked red).

Entering a crop circle through the overworld, as opposed to using the portal in Zanaris, will give the player an additional push speed when pushing through magical wheat, known as the Farmer's Affinity bonus. Passing through wheat with or without this bonus will also grant a small amount of Strength experience. Players who do not wish to receive experience can turn this off by talking to Elnock Inquisitor.

Strength info[edit | edit source]

Hard workNormalEfficient
Magical wheat
Level requiredStrength 1 Hunter 17
Strength XP0 xp
Push duration10 ticks

Experience gain from passing through wheat can be toggled off by talking to Elnock Inquisitor. The chance to receive experience is based on the current Strength level: the higher the strength level, the more commonly the more efficient pushes occur. Aside from this, the Farmer's Affinity bonus will always speed up every single push through wheat by exactly 3 ticks. This means the slowest push will now take 7 ticks, while the fastest push will only take 3 ticks, which is half the original fastest push speed.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
20 January 2021
  • The Farmer's Affinity bonus has been added allowing players to pass through wheat more quickly.
  • Elnock Inquisitor can now toggle whether or not players get Strength XP from pushing through magical wheat.