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Impetuous (#476)
Released 11 June 2007 (Update)
Members Yes
Location Puro-Puro
Unlock hint This track unlocks in Puro-Puro.
Quest No
Duration 03:23
Composer Adam Bond
Advanced data
WikiSync ID 469

Impetuous is a music track that is unlocked at Puro-Puro. Another version of this track, Impulses, plays when the player is standing nearby a wheat field with a portal to Puro-Puro open.

Analysis[edit | edit source]

The piece is written in the key of C minor and has a rather moderate tempo. It is split into two sections: the first which is a somber melody

The instrument starting this track is a piano; it begins with a repeated arpeggiated run beginning on the tonic. The melody, which enters shortly after, plays a relatively simpler phrase. The flute section plays the role of both the chord progression (in a small group) and counter-melodic solos (on piccolo).

The overall feel of the first segment is somber, safe, and innocent. The latter being slightly endorsed by the somewhat bouncy chord progression and bass line.

The next section is less melodic, being mostly percussion and sound effects based, and a more upbeat tempo. Its chord progression is much akin to the melody of the first section; however, what makes this section more chaotic is the random sound effects present (barking sounds, whistles, and the scraping of a güiro). The section, however, is short lived and the original, more somber part of the piece is played. It does return; as the song loops through itself once.

The outro of the piece involves the piano, still playing its original runs, to slowly transition into a solo as all other instruments fade out to tacet. A few bars of the piano's run continue before ending on a low C.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This music track contains a reference to The X Files theme song, especially at the beginning.