Looting ogre coffins

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Looting ogre coffins
RequirementsPicklocking ogre coffins.png
Agility High agility recommended
The ability to begin Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest
ProfitExperience gained
−917,358 None
Inputs (2,530,941)Outputs (1,613,583)
631 × Ogre coffin key.png Ogre coffin key (2,530,941)321 × Zogre bones.png Zogre bones (167,883)64 × Fayrg bones.png Fayrg bones (238,080)43 × Raurg bones.png Raurg bones (257,183)21 × Ourg bones.png Ourg bones (932,190)5 × Grimy lantadyme.png Grimy lantadyme (7,115)22 × Steel pickaxe.png Steel pickaxe (11,132)

Opening the Ogre Coffin is profitable. Players can open around 631 Ogre Coffins in an hour with keys bought from the Grand Exchange, resulting in many valuable bones. There is a safespot between the northern and central coffins that allows coffins to be opened without being interrupted, maximising the profit made. Use the ring of dueling teleport to travel to Castle Wars for banking, then run back to Jiggig to open more Ogre Coffins. High agility, stamina potions, and the graceful outfit are recommended to shorten the time spent travelling between Castle Wars and Jiggig.