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Twisted Tales is a series of quests taking place within Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands. These short, standalone quests are intended to add additional worldbuilding, life, and character to the continent, as the only quests that existed prior to the Twisted Tales series focused on the five Houses of Great Kourend as part of the Great Kourend quest series.

The quest series was created by Mod Ed in response to player criticism of a lack of quests within the continent in comparison to the mainland, where there were many standalone quests such as Imp Catcher, Clock Tower, and A Soul's Bane. Twisted Tales aims to bring such quests to the continent to make them feel as if they were part of it since the very beginning.

Gielinor's story is rich and vibrant. It spans thousands of years, has born witness to countless massive battles and the rise and fall of gods, heroes, villains, kings and queens. There are epics a-plenty, but among those are stories of everyday folk. The people doing the battling, worshipping the gods, and falling victim to the violence. Ordinary characters living in this extraordinary fantasy world. And that's where we wish to begin with the first of the Twisted Tales.
— Official description

Quests[edit | edit source]

Getting Ahead[edit | edit source]

Mary and Gordon find trouble on their farm just south of the Farming Guild. A strange beast has been coming in the night and taking their livestock, and the Shayzien soldiers are too occupied with the lizardman threat to help them.

The player is asked to bring back the head of the beast, only to discover that the beast is headless after tracking it down to a cave in the Kebos Swamp. To receive their reward, Mary instructs the player in fooling her husband by having them create a fake head, which is mounted in their house.

The Garden of Death[edit | edit source]

The player stumbles upon a campsite and searches the tent to discover that a person named Kasonde Shaw is seeking to uncover the remains of the Old Ones, an ancient race with a language of their own that has since been lost to time.

The player explores the ruins beneath Kasonde's camp, along with other ruins throughout the Kebos Lowlands, and slowly deciphers the language based on tablets and carvings that the Old Ones left behind, eventually coming to the conclusion that they were the first ones to perform soul transference, rather than the Citizens of Arceuus.

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