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Burntof chathead.png

Burntof is one of the members of Willow's gang. He is a slightly drunk explosives entheusiast and is recruited in the Below Ice Mountain quest. He can be found in the Rising Sun Inn in Falador. He is required to complete the quest, and to progress the player needs to buy him a beer. Following some dialogue, the player will then have to play a classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with Burntof. He is however so drunk, that he can't play properly and the player always wins. Following this he blasts off the doors leading into the Ruins of Camdozaal by using an unreasonable amount of explosives.

After the quest, he joins Willow in relocating to Nardah. Now sober due to the town's lack of a pub, he will express astonishment at the player's discovery of an Imcando dwarf if spoken to.