Old Memorial

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Old Memorial
Old Memorial.png
Released9 November 2017 (Update)
QuestQuest requirement involved with the interactive scenery.
LocationWest of the Woodcutting Guild.
ExamineA statue of King Kharedst IV, the former ruler of Kourend.
Advanced data
Object ID31714
The memorial in Kourend Woodland, surrounded by Lancalliums.

The Old Memorial can be found west of the Woodcutting Guild. The statue is a depiction of the last king of Great Kourend, King Kharedst IV, surrounded by lancalliums, his favourite flower.

Players can recharge their filled Kharedst's memoirs/book of the dead at the statue by using the book on the statue or inspecting the statue. A dialogue will appear with a quote:

'Obey the Laws of your Body, Mind and Soul' - King Kharedst IV

This requires at least 1 law, body, mind, and soul rune, costing 364 per charge. 10 Magic experience is granted for each charge added to the memoirs.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

The best way to get here is by using the Rada's blessing to teleport to the Kourend Woodland or by teleporting to Xeric's Lookout, using Xeric's talisman and running south-west.

Players can also teleport to the woodcutting guild and run west, or run north after taking a ship to Land's End.