Rocky support

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Rocky support
Rocky support (100%).png
Released1 June 2017 (Update)
ExamineA large rocky column. It looks to be holding up well.
Advanced data
Object ID30284

Rocky supports are huge pillars made of rocks. There are a total of three, which players can use as a safespot in the Inferno.

Each support starts with 255 health. Jal-Nibs, which appear from waves 1 to 66, will focus on attacking the supports as soon as they spawn, inflicting miniscule damage to it. The support will change in appearance and examine for every 25% of its health lost. When it reaches 0 health, it collapses, dealing damage to all monsters and players near it when it occurs. The supports automatically collapse after wave 66 has been cleared regardless of their health.

Rocky support collapsing, damaging monsters and the player.