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Released17 October 2005 (Update)
LocationUnknown, spoken to via the Commorb
Quest Wanted!
The Slug Menace
ExamineAssigned to help tracking down Solus Dellagar.
Advanced data
NPC ID4931
Savant chathead.png

Savant (real name Elyssa van Lendes) is a Senior Mystical Researcher (S.M.R for short) and chief librarian for the Temple Knights of Falador. She plays a fairly major role in two quests, namely Wanted!, where she aids the player by helping slow the teleports of the evil murder mage Solus Dellagar, and The Slug Menace, in which she briefs the player and saves them from being taken over by the Sea Slug queen Mother Mallum.

Savant's location is hidden, and she cannot be found in RuneScape, though the player communicates with her through the Temple Knight Commorb, which is given to the player by Sir Tiffy Cashien, the lead recruiter of the Temple Knights. When players ask her about herself, she would talk a bit about the Temple Knights' magical research team and herself.

She has a grudge against the Wizards' Tower, where she was denied entry because they thought she was "just a girl" and that she would be "too scared" to research effectively.