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Entomologist chathead.png

Entomologist was a man named Buggie who worked at the Ardougne Zoo, found dead within the Kalphite Cave.

Buggie will prevent players attacking Kalphites if they are not their current Slayer task; a chat window will appear saying wooooo ooo woo-woo, or if a ghostspeak amulet is worn, I didn't... create this cave for... you to do that... sorry, it's not for you. A further message is also added to the player's chatbox interface saying Buggie wants you to stick to your Slayer assignments.

Biography[edit | edit source]

According to his diary, he was ambitious to get the zoo to give him a display of insects, who refused and mocked him, preferring big creatures like wolves and cyclopes. Buggie proceeded to search for the Kalphite insects in the desert, hoping to convince the zoo to give him his own exhibit.

The entomologist, in the centre of the cavern.

He stole kalphite eggs from the Kalphite Lair and prepared a cave with sand to cover the rocky cavern floor. However, as the kalphites grew larger, they grew more aggressive, and one of them bit Buggie. Assuming they aren't poisonous, he ignored it.

Soon enough, he began to experience headaches and hallucinations, and eventually succumbed to the poison, as is evident to his corpse in the cave.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]