Ish the Navigator

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Not to be confused with Ithoi the Navigator.
Ish the Navigator
Ish the Navigator.png
Released8 September 2016 (Update)
LocationWintertodt Camp
ExamineA keen navigator and conspiracy theorist.
Advanced data
NPC ID7378
Ish the Navigator chathead.png

Ish the Navigator is a navigator of Piscarilius located at the Wintertodt Camp. He was sent by Lady Piscarilius to keep an eye on the situation up north, as she is distrustful of the other Houses.

Players can speak to him to learn about his theories on the Wintertodt. He believed it attacked Great Kourend for its Dark Altar, which it wanted to consume for itself. He also believes the pyromancers are not to be trusted, despite them being the only mages who can subdue the Wintertodt.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]