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This article is about the unused monster. For the updated monster released in 2014, see Smoke devil.
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This article contains information obtained from the game APIs or cache.
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The Smokedevil was an unused slayer monster added to the cache with the release of the Slayer skill. Both the Smokedevil and the Dust Devil (then named Dustdevil) were not initially present in the game. The name and examine suggest that originally, the Dustdevil would have been encountered in the Kharidian Desert, while the Smokedevil would have only been located underground in the Smoke Dungeon. However, when the desert was expanded a few months later, the Dustdevil was moved to the Smoke Dungeon instead.

Curiously, when the Dustdevil was renamed in late 2005, the examine of the Smokedevil was updated to reflect this.

While the original Smokedevil was never present in Old School RuneScape, a new monster called Smoke devil was released in 2014, and the Choke devil reused the Smokedevil's appearance for a few months. Ultimately, it was deleted from the game files in 2017.