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QoL Wanted for Ultimate Ironman mode[edit | edit source]

Yes, even though the gamemode has gotten easier over the years with the Death changes update, and the Costume Room rework I still have a few wanted updates to the gamemode.

  • Storage of Untradable seeds in the Seed vault (Reasoning: Hespori drops three different seeds that can be planted in the farming guild that tweak how crops are grown/harvested.)
  • Ability to play Trouble brewing with Pieces of eight in the inventory (Reasoning: This minigame must be played with several restrictions. An empty inventory/Worn equipment are doable but not allowing in the minigame's currency is illogical)
  • Storage of a singular key from Shades of Mort'ton (minigame) (Reasoning: It's untradeable so it can't be looting bagged and you need this key for a Master clue step.)

Achievements[edit | edit source]

Accomplishments Date achieved Pets Date achieved
Firemaking 99 Firemaking Unknown Pet rock.pngPet rock, N/A Unknown