Captain Braindeath

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Captain Braindeath chathead.png

Captain Braindeath runs the brewery on Braindeath Island, yet the island has been invaded by zombie pirates and he cannot continue brewing with them in the way. He is located in the northern room on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US] of the Brewery.

In order to overcome this, he sends Pirate Pete to the coast of Morytania, north of Port Phasmatys, so he can find an adventurer that can get rid of the zombie pirates. Pete manages this by means of deceiving the player with a story of a demon, a half-brother and some inheritance he can't claim. After meeting with the player and explaining the situation, he has the player collect the ingredients for his 'rum' and exorcise the control panel for the fermenting vat, which has been possessed, so that they can distract the zombie pirates while he and the Brewers escape. After the player manages to fetch a bucket of 'rum' to Captain Donnie, the zombie pirates' captain, he accidentally slips that he works for a pirate named Rabid Jack, whose name clearly shocks Braindeath by its sole mention. Pretending to have never heard of him, he rewards the player and manages to keep the brewery working by keeping the zombie pirates drunk with his 'rum'.

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