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Denath (Demon Slayer) chathead.png
Denath chathead.png

Denath appears in the Demon Slayer and Shadow of the Storm quests, where he is trying to raise the demon Agrith-Naar. In fact, it is revealed he is Agrith-Naar and was trying to banish himself back. The player must kill him by raising him again.

Shadow of the Storm[edit | edit source]

Denath, now revealed as Agrith Naar, is resummoned.

During Shadow of the Storm, it is revealed he has fled to the ruins of Uzer, where he has been building up a following of evil (but actually quite friendly) people. They aid him in the summoning of the demon Agrith-Naar, but during the ritual, he steps in the middle and is transported to the Infernal Dimensions, meaning that he is Agrith-Naar himself.

After most of the members of his group get killed, the same adventurer who killed Delrith summons him with a new group of people. At the summoning, however, Agrith-Naar kills Matthew, a former member of the group, after already having killed Josef in between the events of quests. As Agrith-Naar dies, Denath is gone for good as well.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]