Infernal Dimensions

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The Infernal Dimensions, together known as Infernus, is the original home world of the demons. The throne room of Thammaron, which is visited in the quests The Golem and Shadow of the Storm, is likely to be in the infernal dimensions. It is, however, not possible to exit the throne room and explore the dimension any further.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The fact that the infernal dimensions are referred to in plural seems to indicate that Infernus is in fact a collection of smaller realms or pocket realms.
  • The demon butler, Alathazdrar, mentions being from Infernus.
  • Thammaron's remains, which reside in the infernal dimensions, are bones. This is in contrast to other demons who drop ashes upon death. It is possible that all demons drop bones if they die in the infernal dimensions; this is not known conclusively.