Feather Hunter

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Feather Hunter (#15)
Released 21 July 2021 (Update)
Members Yes
Description Kill Kree'arra 30 times in a private instance without leaving the room.
Tier Grandmaster
Monster Kree'arra
Type Stamina

Feather Hunter is a grandmaster combat achievement which requires the player to kill Kree'arra 30 times in a private instance without leaving the room."

Strategy[edit | edit source]

To complete this mission, it is highly advisable to use the chincompa method with the most powerful ranged gear you can afford, using black chinchompas. You will need to have a good understanding of the boss, and bring as many prayer restoration potions as you can, as Kree'arra does not drop any himself. Completing this task with 'budget' gear is very difficult, as you will likely run out of prayer potions without prayer flicking.

Alternatively, the player can opt for a mage setup with Tumeken's shadow and an Eldritch nightmare staff while on-task for additional bonuses. With the mage method, freeze Flight Kilisa whenever possible and go under Kree'arra after every attack, as he attacks two ticks faster than the shadow. This should result in minimal damage from him and Wingman Skree, the mage bodyguard. Once Kree'arra dies, blood barrage both Kilisa and Flockleader Geerin to restore any lost health and use the eldritch staff's special attack on Skree to restore prayer. Bring bones to peaches tabs, as the resulting peaches will restore 32 health per spawn cycle.

Kree'arra's bodyguards drop the occasional batch of manta rays and mushroom potatoes, but don't fully rely on these to last the entire trip.