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Unicorn1337Kilr chathead.png

Unicorn1337Kilr is a spoof of an adventurer occurring during the 2021 Birthday event. He kills a unicorn that was in a fight with the monkey riding a unicorn, stealing the monkey's kill.

He has a combat level of 73 (though he is unattackable), and wears a rune platebody, rune plateskirt, fancy boots, Rune med helm and a Rune 2h sword. His name is a reference to the player spoof Cow31337Killer, meaning "Unicorn (e)lite killer".

Practising his hobby.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • His combat level is likely a reference to an Old School RuneScape meme relating to a streamer getting killed by taking 73 damage on 73 hitpoints from a special attack during a fight against another streamer.
  • It is impossible for this character's username to exist if he were an actual human player, as the limit of all player's names is 12 characters. Unicorn1337Kilr has 15 in his.