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The Kahlith are a race of humanoids that inhabit a small settlement on Mount Karuulm within the Kebos Lowlands. They are former humans who have abandoned their previous lives to serve the Tasakaal, and work alongside them to maintain the balance between life and death.

Since their only goal is to maintain this balance, they have no need for any worldly possessions. However, due to the influx of humans arriving on Mount Karuulm, the Kahlith have engaged in small businesses to help the humans with achieving their goal.

Roles in society[edit | edit source]

There are four different roles in Kahlith society. To serve the balance, all Kahlith take on one of four roles. Each role gives the Kahlith a title, which will make up part of their name. The different roles are Keran, Narga, Maten and Sihar. Konar quo Maten, for example, would translate to Konar the Hunter in human tongue.

  • Keran - the title given to artisans.
  • Maten - the title given to hunters.
  • Narga - the title given to guardians.
  • Sihar - the title given to mystics, who learn from the Tasakaal and then pass on their teachings.