Menaphite Leader

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Menaphite Leader
Menaphite Leader.png
Released4 April 2005 (Update)
QuestThe Feud
ExamineLeader of the Menaphites.
Advanced data
NPC ID3547
Menaphite Leader chathead.png

The Menaphite Leader is the head of a Menaphite gang exiled from Menaphos for trying to overthrow The Pharaoh. They have relocated to Pollnivneach as a base of operations and are in a feud with the local bandits over camel theft, although the leader considers them a mere nuisance to his plans to take over the world. He and his men are loyal followers of Amascut, the Devourer. Street urchins describe him as a 'deranged priest'.

During The Feud, after the player earns Ali the Operator's trust, the latter permits him to speak with the Menaphite leader. Upon hearing of the leader's true plans, the player loses his patience and threatens to kill him. He summons a tough guy as bodyguard to fight the player, but this fails. Upon the tough guy's death, the leader teleports away vowing his return, but is not seen anymore.