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Painted One chathead.png

Painted One is the tattoo-laden fellow standing atop a platform in the centre of the town of Slepe. There appears to be a large crowd of Slepe residents gathered for him.

He is the travelling companion of Hanchen the Hound and Hameln the Jester, and had travelled to Slepe after hearing about the town in a poem at the College of Bards in Varlamore.

During Sins of the Father it is explained, that he was accused for being responsible for the Sleeper Plague that had afflicted the town of Slepe. He is killed by the citizens, before the player uncovers the truth of the spreading of the Sleeper Plague by Damien Leucurte, Carl and Kroy through Elixir of Everlasting-infused bloody bracers. The citizens afterwards assume, that the painted one was indeed guilty as no more succumb to the illness, completely unaware of the conspiracy that was brought to an end by the player and the Myreque.

He appears to be wearing a yin yang amulet.

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