Animated Armour

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Animated armour can be created and fought in the Warriors' Guild by using a platebody, platelegs, and a full helm of the same type of metal on one of the magical animators. When brought to life, the armour shouts "I'm ALIVE!" and attacks the player that created it. When at low Hitpoints, the armour may try to run away from the player, and so it is advised to have run turned on during the fight. Sometimes the armour will run to an animator and become stuck. If this occurs, the armour will not fight you back, and will not run further. If the player kills the armour, they will usually get back the armour used to create it as well as a certain number of warrior guild tokens depending on the armour type. Sometimes the armour will "break" during combat, and the player will only receive some of the pieces back.

Players could easily use the magical animators or the fences around them to safespot animated armours.

Image Name Combat lv Hitpoints Max hit Tokens
Animated Bronze Armour.png
Animated Bronze Armour 11 10 2 5
Animated Iron Armour.png
Animated Iron Armour 23 20 3 10
Animated Steel Armour.png
Animated Steel Armour 46 40 5 15
Animated Black Armour.png
Animated Black Armour 69 60 7 20
Animated Mithril Armour.png
Animated Mithril Armour 92 80 10 25
Animated Adamant Armour.png
Animated Adamant Armour 113 99 12 30
Animated Rune Armour.png
Animated Rune Armour 138 120 14 40