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Gatekeeper chathead.png

Gatekeepers are tree like figures who guard the gate to the Zanaris market area. They will only let players pass if they are paid the trade tax, which is one cut diamond. When asked about, they say that the diamond is used to make fairy lights.

They say the gatekeeper that was there before the Zanaris update was his father. When asked about this, they replies "I got my good looks from my mother."

There is another gatekeeper guarding the shady grove that is filled with baby tanglefoot.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mod Biscuits stated on the Official Runescape Forums that "The Gatekeepers were originally referred to as Mindslayers by the original developer of the fairy storyline. We still sometimes refer to them as Mindslayers even now. It's just an internal name we use for the Gatekeepers.". [1]
  • The Gatekeepers replaced a previous NPC called the Door man.