Water Pool

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Water Pool
Water Pool.png
Released20 August 2003 (Update)
QuestLegends' Quest
LocationKharazi Jungle
OptionsLook, Investigate
ExamineA sparkling, babbling flow of water from an underground source.
Advanced data
Object ID2942

The Water Pool containing pure water is located in the Kharazi Jungle, and is used to fill the gold bowl during the Legends' Quest. Filling the bowl requires the player to use a hollow reed on the pool, as the rocks makes it impossible to fill the bowl normally.

Using the look option on the pool results in the message: "It looks like a small babbling brook that comes from and disappears underground again. The water bubbles with a strange effervescence." Using the investigate option on the pool results in the message: "It looks like you'll have problems getting some of the water as it's difficult to reach with all the rocks around it. There is a narrow gap that you simply won't be able to get a container into."

After freeing Ungadulu by killing Nezikchened for the first time, the pool has been polluted, and no holy water can be taken from the pool. In order to restore the pool, players have to get to the sacred water source that has been blocked off by some boulders.