Auguste's sapling

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Auguste's sapling
Auguste's sapling.png
Released6 November 2006 (Update)
Quest itemEnlightened Journey
DestroyYou'll have to buy another one from Auguste on Entrana.
ExamineThis sapling is ready to be replanted in a tree patch.
Value1 coin
High alch0 coins
Low alch0 coins
Weight0.907 kg
Advanced data
Item ID9932
Auguste's sapling detail.png

Auguste's sapling is given during the Enlightened Journey quest by Auguste to grow into a willow tree in order to obtain Willow branches to build the basket of the balloon for the Balloon transport system. The branches can also be cut off any existing willow tree in a farming patch or obtained by trading with other players. If the sapling is lost, or it dies after being planted, another can be purchased from Auguste for 30,000 coins. However, as a willow seed costs 266 coins, this option is only feasible for ironmen who are unwilling or unable to obtain a seed by other methods.

Auguste gives the player the sapling for free, only the first time. With it, he also gives the player a basket of apples, to pay a gardener to watch over it. Growing this sapling to a willow tree takes 4 hours and 40 minutes.

Farming info[edit | edit source]

Willow Tree
Level required Farming 30
Patch Tree
Seeds per 1
Payment 1 Apples inventory imagebasket of apples
Growth time 240 min (6x40 min = 4 hours)
Regrow Yes
Seed Willow seed inventory imageWillow seed
Seedling Willow seedling inventory imageWillow seedling
Sapling Willow sapling inventory imageWillow sapling
Plant Willow Tree
Crop Willow logs inventory imageWillow logs, Willow roots inventory imageWillow roots
Planting XP 25 xp
Checking XP 1,456.5 xp
Harvesting XP No