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This category contains pages related to quest items. Quest items are an items that are only used during, only made for, or only obtained during the course of one or more quests. This is opposed to items used in the course of a quest, known as "items required" in a quest summary and items received as a reward for completing a quest, known as Quest rewards, which is another category

Quest items include:

  • items only used in the quest - e.g. Red cog
  • rewards from the quest, that are earned (not unlocked rewards that must be paid for) - e.g. Iban's staff but not Dragon longsword
  • books/items that may be kept/obtained/read after quests but only used during them - e.g. Diary of Herbi Flax
  • items obtained during the quest, that are commonly used afterward - e.g. Dramen staff

This does not include:

  • an item that is commonly used for not only quests, but skills, minigames, etc. - e.g. Bucket
  • items that can be obtained without completing/starting the quests they are used in, but are used in 1 or more quests (may be exceptions) - e.g. Crushed gem
  • books not used during quests - e.g. Security book
  • food - e.g. lobsters
  • unlocked items that must be paid for/obtained after the quest, and are not featured in the "Quest complete scroll" - e.g. Dragon longsword

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