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Darkness is a game mechanic that darkens the player's screen. Not having a light source in the darkest areas will cause rapid damaged from biting insects, and the player will be unable to attack anything.

Light sources can dispel darkness to varying degrees, though even the dimmest will prevent damage from biting insects. Some dark areas have environmental hazards or hostile monsters that can extinguish weaker light sources, with higher tier light sources being resistant to these hazards while also being brighter.

Darkness levels[edit | edit source]

There are three different levels of darkness which may be encountered:

Level Effect
1 Slightly dims the player's screen.
2 Darkens the player's screen even more, potentially making it difficult to see the environment, but still has no penalties.
3 Almost completely obscures the player's screen. Without a light source, it is impossible to attack anything. After 9 seconds the player is warned, "You hear tiny insects skittering over the ground...". After another 9 seconds, there will be another message, "Tiny biting insects swarm all over you!" and one point of damage will be dealt every tick. This damage cannot be reduced by any means, but will stop upon igniting a light source or leaving the dark area.

Dark areas[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of dark areas and whether each has biting insects or explosive gas:

Location Darkness Insects Gas
Abandoned Mine bottom floor[1] 1 No No
Chasm of Tears 2 No No
Crombwick Manor upper level 1 No No
Dorgesh-Kaan mine 3 Yes No
Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon 3 Yes No
Falador Mole Lair 3 Yes No
Genie's crevice 3 Yes No
Kruk's Dungeon 3 Yes No
Lumbridge Swamp Caves 3 Yes Yes
Mos Le'Harmless Cave 3 Yes No
Shayzien Crypts 3 Yes No
Skavid Caves 3 Yes No
Slayer Tower basement 1 No No
Sophanem Dungeon 3 Yes No
Temple of Ikov lower level[2] 1 No No
Zamorak's Fortress[3] 1 No No
  1. ^ Glowing fungus must be used for the bottom floor. Normal light sources will be extinguished and tinderboxes will get drenched.
  2. ^ Any light source will provide full brightness. Without one, only a few tiles around the stairs can be walked on. Getting rid of the light source will eject the player from the room.
  3. ^ Saradomin's light must be consumed to lift the supernatural darkness. Normal light sources do not work.

Dispelling darkness[edit | edit source]

The darkness level in an area is reduced by the cumulative strength of all carried and equipped light sources. Thus, carrying a candle in level 3 darkness will reduce the darkness to level 2, and another candle would reduce it to level 1. A built Fire of Eternal Light can also permanently dispel the darkness in an area, making a light source unnecessary.