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The enchanted bar is a quest item used during the Monkey Madness I quest. It is obtained by taking some monkey dentures, a gold bar and the m'amulet mould to Zooknock, the Royal Guard mage, at the end of a dangerous dungeon in Ape Atoll. After Monkey Madness II [confirmation needed], it is impossible to reobtain this item, as Zooknock will just provide players with a completed M'speak amulet.

Zooknock will then infuse the magical powers of the dentures into the gold bar and return an enchanted bar. The player should then use this bar with the m'amulet mould on the magical flame in the dungeon below the temple to create an M'speak amulet.

If you right click "Listen" on the enchanted bar when wearing the Monkeyspeak amulet, it will say:

  • "Argh! Get me out of here!"
  • "I'm stuck in this horrible gold bar!"

Creation[edit | edit source]

Quest points Partial completion of Monkey Madness I
Member icon.png
Ticks? (edit)
ToolsM'amulet mould.pngFacilitiesZooknock
Gold bar.pngGold bar179
Monkey dentures.pngMonkey dentures1N/A
Total Cost79
Enchanted bar.pngEnchanted bar1N/A

Products[edit | edit source]

M'speak amulet (unstrung).pngM'speak amulet (unstrung)
Member icon.png
  • Crafting 1
  • Crafting 200