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The Old School RuneScape Wiki is running a project to add exact drop rates to articles. There are two primary data sources for this project:

  • Approximately 800 million kills from the Loot Tracker plugin on the open-source third-party client RuneLite. This data is used on about 280 drop table articles.
  • Code from approximately 150 monsters' drop subroutines, provided to the wiki by the OSRS development team. This data is used on about 240 drop tables.

Additional sources can sometimes include Twitter posts from OSRS developers (especially when the drop table has unique conditions or mechanics), and large-scale drop logs on Reddit, YouTube, or other sources.

This project is primarily about monster drops, but it also applies to pickpocketing loot and other randomized loot like the Crystal chest or Mystery box.

Join the #drop-logs channel of the wiki's Discord if you're interested in learning more or helping out.

How can I help?[edit source]

While as of this writing about 95% of monsters have accurate drop tables, there's still a lot of additional work to be done. Any time you see a drop rate listed as Common, Uncommon, or Rare, it means we need to collect more data to figure out the underlying table.

The easiest way to contribute is to just kill monsters with RuneLite's loot tracker. Note that in order for the data to carry over to the wiki, you need to have the plugin enabled, and you need to be logged into RuneLite. That's it! Just kill things, and eventually we'll get the data and be able to improve the wiki.

Which monsters?[edit source]

These are some monsters we need more data for:

  1. Tortured gorilla - Need a lot more data
  2. Wall beast - No data whatsoever (RuneLite does not currently track)
  3. Black Guard - Need a lot more data for the Keldagrim version
  4. Black Guard Berserker - Need a lot more data
  5. TzHaar-Mej (monster) - Need a lot more data
  6. TzHaar-Hur - Need more data
  7. TzHaar-Ket - Need more data - lvl 149 and lvl 221
  8. TzHaar-Xil - Need more data
  9. Zombie (Sepulchre of Death) - Need more data, mixed with other Zombies
  10. Mouse - These drops aren't items so they aren't tracked by the RuneLite loot tracker

Additionally, the wiki also would like to get more data for non-monster drop rates, including things like Rogues' Castle chests.