Super energy (Last Man Standing)

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1 dose2 dose3 dose4 dose
Super energy(1)
Super energy(1).png
Released4 August 2016 (Update)
Removal29 August 2019 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsDrink, Drop
Examine1 dose of super energy potion.
Value40 coins
High alch24 coins
Low alch16 coins
Weight0.02 kg
Advanced data
Item ID20551
Super energy(1) detail.png
Super energy(2) detail.png
Super energy(3) detail.png
Super energy(4) detail.png

Super energy potions were potions found in the Last Man Standing minigame that recovered 20% of the player's run energy per dose. Unlike normal super energy potions, these lacked an "Empty" option.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
11 July 2019

The item could now be made into banknotes.

4 August 2016
  • The item was made fully available with the release of Last Man Standing.
  • Each dose's value was increased from 1 to 40, 80, 120, and 160 respectively.
28 July 2016

The item was added to Last Man Standing beta.