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Quest Classifications
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There is a total of 27 experienced quests, 26 members’ and 1 free-to-play in Old School RuneScape. Completing all free-to-play experienced quests provides a total of 2 quest points. Completion of all experienced quests will reward the player with a total of 46 quest points.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

Name Members Length Quest points Series
Lunar Diplomacy Yes Long 2 Fremennik, #3
Dragon Slayer I No Medium 2 Dragonkin, #1
Fairytale II - Cure a Queen Yes Medium 2 Fairytale, #2
Underground Pass Yes Long 5 Elf, #3
Between a Rock... Yes Medium 2 N/A
Heroes' Quest Yes Medium 1 N/A
King's Ransom Yes Medium 1 Camelot, #3
One Small Favour Yes Long 2 N/A
Cabin Fever Yes Short 2 Pirate, #2
Enakhra's Lament Yes Medium 2 Mahjarrat, #4
Family Crest Yes Medium 1 N/A
Royal Trouble Yes Medium 1 Miscellania, #2
Haunted Mine Yes Short 2 N/A
Rum Deal Yes Medium 2 Pirate, #1
Throne of Miscellania Yes Medium 1 Miscellania, #1
Devious Minds Yes Short 1 N/A
Land of the Goblins Yes Medium 2 Dorgeshuun, #4
Darkness of Hallowvale Yes Long 2 Myreque, #3
My Arm's Big Adventure Yes Medium 1 Troll, #4
Rag and Bone Man II Yes Medium 1 Rag and Bone Man, #2
Contact! Yes Short 1 Kharidian, #3
Regicide Yes Long 3 Elf, #4
Roving Elves Yes Short 1 Elf, #5
A Kingdom Divided Yes Long 2 Great Kourend, #8
A Taste of Hope Yes Medium 1 Myreque, #4
The Fremennik Isles Yes Medium 1 Fremennik, #2
The Great Brain Robbery Yes Medium 2 Pirate, #3

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