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Quest Classification
1Novice.png Novice
2Intermediate.png Intermediate
3Experienced.png Experienced
4Master.png Master
5Grandmaster.png Grandmaster
6Special.png Special
Intermediate quests.jpg

There are a total of 57 intermediate quests, 56 members and one free-to-play in Old School RuneScape. Completing all free-to-play intermediate quests provides a total of one quest point. Completing all intermediate quests provides the player with a total of 94 quest points.

List of quests[edit | edit source]

Name Members Length Quest points Series
Witch's House Yes Short 4 N/A
Merlin's Crystal Yes Medium 6 Camelot
Scorpion Catcher Yes Short – Medium 1 N/A
Tribal Totem Yes Short 1 N/A
Holy Grail Yes Medium 2 Camelot
Tree Gnome Village Yes Short 2 Gnome
Sea Slug Yes Short 1 Sea Slug
Waterfall Quest Yes Medium 1 Elf, Gnome
The Tourist Trap Yes Medium 2 N/A
Watchtower Yes Long 4 Ogre
The Dig Site Yes Long 2 The Return of Zaros
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Yes Short 2 Ogre
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Yes Long 2 Karamja
Shades of Mort'ton Yes Short 3 N/A
The Fremennik Trials Yes Long 3 Fremennik
In Search of the Myreque Yes Short 2 Myreque
Creature of Fenkenstrain Yes Medium 2 N/A
Ghosts Ahoy Yes Medium – Long 2 N/A
Mountain Daughter Yes Medium 2 Fremennik
The Feud Yes Medium 1 N/A
The Golem Yes Medium 1 N/A
Icthlarin's Little Helper Yes Medium – Long 2 Desert
Tears of Guthix Yes Short 1 N/A
The Lost Tribe Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
The Giant Dwarf Yes Medium – Long 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Forgettable Tale... Yes Long 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Garden of Tranquillity Yes Very long 2 N/A
A Tail of Two Cats Yes Long 2 Dragonkin
Wanted! Yes Long 1 Temple Knight
Shadow of the Storm Yes Medium 1 N/A
Making History Yes Short – Long 3 Enchanted Key
Ratcatchers Yes 2 N/A
Spirits of the Elid Yes Medium 2 Desert
The Hand in the Sand Yes Medium 1 N/A
In Aid of the Myreque Yes Long 2 Myreque
Death to the Dorgeshuun Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
The Eyes of Glouphrie Yes Medium – Long 2 Gnome
Darkness of Hallowvale Yes Very long 2 Myreque
The Slug Menace Yes Medium – Long 1 Sea Slug, Temple Knight
Elemental Workshop II Yes Medium 1 Elemental Workshop
My Arm's Big Adventure Yes Medium 1 Troll
Enlightened Journey Yes Short – Long 1 N/A
Animal Magnetism Yes Medium 1 N/A
Cold War Yes Medium – Long 1 Penguin
What Lies Below Yes Short – Medium 1 N/A
Olaf's Quest Yes Short 1 Fremennik
Another Slice of H.A.M. Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Zogre Flesh Eaters Yes Medium 1 Ogre
Rag and Bone Man II Yes Long 1 N/A
The Knight's Sword No Medium 1 N/A
Getting Ahead Yes Short 1 Twisted Tales
The Queen of Thieves Yes Short 1 Great Kourend
The Depths of Despair Yes Short 1 Great Kourend
Tale of the Righteous Yes Medium 1 Great Kourend
The Ascent of Arceuus Yes Short 1 Great Kourend
The Forsaken Tower Yes Short 1 Great Kourend
Bone Voyage Yes Medium 1 N/A
Vampyre Slayer No Short 3 N/A
Prince Ali Rescue No Short 3 N/A
Black Knights' Fortress No Short 3 N/A
The Corsair Curse No Medium 2 N/A
Demon Slayer No Medium 3 N/A
Below Ice Mountain No Medium 1 N/A

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