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Released9 August 2004 (Update)
QuestA Tail of Two Cats
ExamineNice but dim.
Advanced data
NPC ID4237, 8119
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Unferth is the hypochondriac human pet of Bob the Jagex cat. He is the starting point for the 'A Tail of Two Cats' quest, in which he asks the player to find his missing pet cat, Bob.

The Apothecary states that Unferth is a hypochondriac, and gets fed up every time he comes to him seeking a cure for his "illness".

After the events of Dragon Slayer II, Unferth is distraught over Bob's death. The player gives him positive reinforcement to make him feel better.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unferth's name might have had influence from Unferth, a thegn of the Danish lord Hroðgar in the poem Beowulf.
  • During the quest, when you refer to Bob as Unferth's pet cat, he claims that you are wrong and that actually Unferth is Bob's pet human. Furthermore, Neite says that humans commonly mistake cats for their pets, when it is normally the other way around: humans are the pets of the cats. However, since humans without a Catspeak amulet can't understand cats, they prefer to let the humans think they are the owners so they protect the cats and do them favours (carrying them in their arms, for example, so they don't have to walk sometimes).
  • The Apothecary claims to have visited Unferth to examine his symptoms more times than his mother has had her hair fall out.
  • When you start the A Tail of Two Cats quest Unferth is bald but when you came back to him after a cutscene, in which Bob remembers that he is a hero, Unferth has long beard and long hair.
  • Unferth's examine text may be a reference to the character Tim Nice-But-Dim from the British comedy show Harry Enfield & Chums.