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The Elven Clans are a collection of elven families. Each clan specializes in certain skills and crafts to complement each other. Each clan is led by an elf with the title of Lord or Lady.

History[edit | edit source]

Eight elven clans are known to have been brought to Gielinor through the World Gate by Seren and Guthix during the First Age.[1] When Prifddinas was constructed from crystal, each of these eight ancestor clans received its own district within the city, complete with a crystal tower connected to the Tower of Voices.[2] Since then, other elven families have emerged, although these all fall under auspices of one of the eight original clans.

The clans ruled over Prifddinas equally, through the Elven Council of Elders, through the Second, Third, and part of the Fourth Age. When the Elven Civil War began, the majority of the elven race was forced to retreat into Isafdar as the Iorwerth Clan conquered Prifddinas and slaughtered all resistance. The Battle of Prifddinas also saw the fall of the Cadarn Clan's empire east of Arandar, from which point onwards the elves have been isolated in Tirannwn. As a result, the elves lost much of their inter-regional significance as humans, goblins and gnomes gradually took over the space the empire had once occupied, and have become legendary in many parts of the world.

The clans are said to differ greatly in lifestyle and nature, but little of this has been made common knowledge. Each clan specialises in a certain skill or technique at which they excel. For example, the Iorwerths are accomplished warriors, while the Ithell are renowned for the crystal singing and crafting skills.

List of clans[edit | edit source]

Amlodd Clan[edit | edit source]

Amlodd Clan.png

The Amlodd Clan - who are mages and mystics.

Cadarn Clan[edit | edit source]

Cadarn Clan.png

The Cadarn Clan - who are archers and hunters.

Crwys Clan[edit | edit source]

Crwys Clan.png

The Crwys Clan - who are farmers and woodcutters.

Hefin Clan[edit | edit source]

Hefin Clan.png

The Hefin Clan - who are skilled in Prayer and Agility.

Iorwerth Clan[edit | edit source]

Iorwerth Clan.png

The Iorwerth Clan - who are warriors and slayers.

Ithell Clan[edit | edit source]

Ithell Clan.png

The Ithell Clan - who are crafters and crystal-chanters.

Meilyr Clan[edit | edit source]

Meilyr Clan.png

The Meilyr Clan - who are explorers, scientists and chefs.

Trahaearn Clan[edit | edit source]

Trahaearn Clan.png

The Trahaearn Clan - who are smiths and miners.

Cywir Clan[edit | edit source]

Cywir Clan.png

The Cywir Clan also referred to as the Forgotten Clan, is the ninth and mostly forgotten clan, who chose to remain on the elven homeworld of Tarddiad, rather than follow Seren and the other clans to Gielinor.

References[edit | edit source]

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