Elven Civil War

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The Elven Civil War was a conflict between the Iorwerth Clan and the other seven elven clans of Tirannwn. The civil war began in Year 1930 of the Fourth Age, when Lord Iorwerth betrayed the rest of the elven clans, most of which were beyond the Arandar Mountain Range in what is now Kandarin, Asgarnia, and Misthalin. They abandoned the elven deity, Seren, and instead worshipped a mysterious, illusive figure known as the "Dark Lord".

The Great Divide and the subsequent Siege of Prifddinas essentially began the war. Because the Cadarn Clan and most of the elves' soldiers were beyond Arandar, Iorwerth managed to claim the crystal city with relative ease. As a result, a number of elves went into exile in Isafdar and since then, the region has experienced a number of conflicts which have gradually torn Tirannwn apart.

Lord Iorwerth made a pact with the human King Lathas of Kandarin, who aided Iorwerth by starting a false plague in West Ardougne. The elves of the Iorwerth clan then posed as mourners who took "plague victims" away from their homes were they supposedly cared for them. Instead of this, the plague victims were used as slaves in the tunnels beneath the city. In exchange of this, Lord Iorwerth agreed to restore King Lathas's rule over the kingdom of Kandarin by killing King Tyras - a popular claimant of the Kandarin throne.

Prifddinas soon reverted to a crystal seed leaving the war in a stalemate. On the former site of the city, the Iorwerth set up a camp - which saw food shortages and flooding. It was administered by the Mayor of Prifddinas. The Iorwerth clan wished to restore the city to its former glory, under Iorwerth rule, and so attempted to summon the Dark Lord. To do so, Lord Iorwerth and the Mayor of Prifddinas plotted to wipe out the entire population of West Ardougne.

This information came into the hands of the rebel elves who prevented this by prompting the West Ardougne Revolution, which successfully ended Iorwerth rule over the city and ended the reign of King Lathas, who was replaced by his cousin, King Thoros. The elven clan leaders then united in the attempt to overthrow Iorwerth rule over Prifddinas with the help of the Tyras army.

After this, they tried to restored the Seal of Seren in the Grand Library underneath Prifddinas, so to restore the city to its former self. This was met by the Dark Lord, who killed Lord Iorwerth and revealed himself to be a dark manifestation of Seren who was obsessed with death. He ultimately failed in his attempt to stop the elven clan leaders, leading to the end of the Elven Civil War, and the regrowth of Prifddinas.

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