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There are eight elven clan leaders (also referred to as the Prifddinas Elders or Council of Elders) found in the eight districts of Prifddinas, each in charge of their respective clan and all equal leaders of the city and the land of Tirannwn. Clan leadership is not based solely on heritage; neither Morvran Iorwerth nor Islwyn Cadarn are clan leaders, despite being the heirs of previous leaders, and Kelyn was chosen as clan leader due to her love of architecture.

The elves have had clan leaders since their time on Tarddiad. When the elves were brought to Gielinor by Seren and Guthix during the First Age, Seren established the eight clan leaders as equal rulers of Prifddinas, each with their own district and a crystal tower connected to Seren's abode, the Tower of Voices. It is unknown how much political power Seren had, but she was universally adored and respected by the elves and the clan leaders could enter the tower to consult her.

When the God Wars ended and Seren shattered herself to avoid being banished by the Edicts of Guthix, the elves were in distress over the loss of their goddess. To ensure stability Seren had entrusted Lord Baxtorian Cadarn and his wife Glarial to lead the elves after her departure. Baxtorian became the leader of Prifddinas with the support of the other elven clan leaders. After Baxtorian and Glarial left Prifddinas to expand the elven territory and became king and queen of the new lands east of Tirannwn, the other clan leaders were left in charge of Prifddinas. This constellation lasted until the son of Lady Iorwerth made a discovery, that made him obsessed with restoring Seren. Lady Iorwerth, who was loyal to Baxtorian, was killed by her own son, who assumed her leadership over the Iorwerth clan and took over the city and imprisoned the other clan leaders. When the news of the events that occurred in Prifddinas finally reached Baxtorian, he set out on a mission to liberate the city. The liberation attempt however wasn't successful, however Baxtorian's forces managed to liberate the other clan leaders, who sang a song that reverted Prifddinas to a single crystal seed, thus denying Lord Iorwerth access to the city. The clan leaders decided to go into hiding until it was the right time to fight back and restore Prifddinas.

Approximately two centuries later in year 169 of the Fifth Age, an adventurer assisted the rebellion against Lord Iorwerth and located and brought the elven clan leaders together. After Lord Iorwerth's defeat, Prifddinas was restored to its former glory and the Elven council was formed once more with a new leader for the Iorwerth Clan and the Ithell Clan.

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