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Kharedst's memoirs, one of Rose's most precious belongings.

Rose is the daughter of King Kharedst IV, the last king of Great Kourend. She was the crown princess and heiress to the throne, but was declared unfit to rule by the Kourend Council. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Rose was born several decades ago to King Kharedst IV and an unknown mother. She was an only child and as such the heiress to the throne of Great Kourend. Not much is known about her childhood, although she documented some of her outings with her father in Kharedst's memoirs. She enjoyed spending time with him and experiencing the country, occasionally dressing down to experience the life of the people of Great Kourend.

After her mother's death during her childhood, her father became more distant and secretive and began to change dramatically. For one of her birthdays he gave her a mysterious ancient gold locket, containing a picture of her mother and a dark purple crystal. Rose, concerned with father's well-being, decided to find out what he was up to, and snuck after him an early morning when he left for a secretive 'meeting'. Rose saw her father kneel before an unknown robed entity, but the entity was aware of her presence and as it gazed upon her, light burst from the king's eyes and mouth as he fell lifeless to the ground. Rose woke up in her bed, not knowing if what she had experience was a dream or reality. She immediately wrote down what she had witnessed.

Not long after, her father had died and Rose was, according to the Kourend Council, driven insane by her father's sudden death and was taken away. She left a cryptic message in Kharedst's memoirs writing that she was expecting the insanity, that great events has been put into motion and that she and the reader are mere pawns in this affair. Lastly, she advises the reader to tread carefully and that they may meet at some point in the future. However, her handmaid, Alyssa, believes the secret message to be dubious, as Rose would really be crazy to cry for help by hiding a message in an old memoir.