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Released16 June 2021 (Update)
QuestA Kingdom Divided
LocationKebos Lowlands
ExamineThe last member of Kourend's royal family.
Advanced data
Object ID41864, 41865

Crown Princess Rose Kharedst was the daughter of King Kharedst IV. She was the crown princess and heiress to the throne of Great Kourend, but was declared unfit to rule by the Kourend Council. Until the events of A Kingdom Divided, her whereabouts were unknown.

History[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Kharedst's memoirs, one of Rose's most precious belongings.

Approximately 31 years ago, King Kharedst IV's wife died giving birth to Rose, his only daughter.[1] Some time during her childhood, Rose's father gave her a memoir for her to record their outings, so that he can reminisce the times they've spent together.[2] During these outings, they would occasionally dress down to experience the life of the people of Great Kourend.[3] Rose and her father also often wrote riddles for each other as well.[4]

Death of her father[edit | edit source]

The day before Rose's 11th birthday, she and her father made their monthly trip to Lovakengj, where he purchased an ornate flask and an old rose-shaped locket from an old dwarf tinker.[5] The locket was given to Rose as a present, whilst he purchased the flask for himself.[6] Unbeknownst to the King, the flask he purchased was corrupted with dark magic,[7] and soon his mind became corrupted.[8]

Soon after, a mysterious mage reached out to David Andrews, one of the King's advisors. An expert on old curses, the mage claimed that the King's curse had deteriorated his mind beyond saving, and gave a poison for David to kill him.[9] Accepting that the King could not be saved, the King's advisors proceeded to kill him with the poison.[10] As Rose was too young to take the throne at the time of his death, the King's advisors formed the Kourend Council in order to rule the kingdom until Rose was ready to do so.[11]

Disappearance[edit | edit source]

Rose soon discovered what the Council had done to her father. Unable to risk her telling the truth, the Council sought out the mage, who gave them a potion to stop her from revealing the truth.[12] While the potion did work on Rose, it was in actuality a poison made to destroy her mind and induce her into a comatose state.[13]

To cover up Rose's condition, the Council declared that Rose became insane after the death of her father, and considered her unfit for rule.[14] She was then moved away to a small shack in the Kebos Lowlands.[15] With no suitable heir for Great Kourend, the Council was made permanent.[16] During this time, Rose was being watched over by Councillor Orson, who burdened with guilt, looked after her unconscious body and received potions from the mage to treat her condition.

Discovery[edit | edit source]

The adventurer discovers Rose and Councillor Liam Orson.

Twenty years later, an adventurer's investigation leads them to the small shack at the base of Mount Karuulm. Here, a hidden entrance to the basement results in the discovery of Rose and Councillor Liam Orson, who had been taking care of her since she entered into a coma. Having been discovered, he confesses to the adventurer and Lydia Fullore, commander of the Royal Guard, that the Council conspired to kill King Kharedst IV, but that they did so out of necessity.

Rose's grave in the shadow of Mount Karuulm.

After moving Liam to Xeric's Lookout, the adventurer and Lydia decide to end Rose's life; though someone in Arceuus could continue brewing the potions for Rose's condition, she eventually came to the conclusion that Rose had died long ago and ended her suffering, and a funeral for her was held outside the shack.[17]

With Rose's death, the Kourend royal family's lineage had come to an end. In honour of her sacrifice, the document to disband the Kourend Council and return Great Kourend to royal rule was named Rose's Accord,[18] which declared the Hosidius family to be the Kourend's new royal family.[19]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Her appearance resembles Princess Anna from Disney's Frozen, specifically in her Coronation Day dress.

References[edit | edit source]

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