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This article is about the monsters simply named snake. For other uses, see Snake (disambiguation).
Released29 March 2004 (Update)
Combat level5
ExamineA slithering serpent.
Combat info
Max hit1
Attack styleStab
Attack speedMonster attack speed 4.png
Respawn time30 ticks (18 seconds)
Combat icon.png Combat stats
Hitpoints icon.pngAttack icon.pngStrength icon.pngDefence icon.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
Attack icon.png Aggressive stats
Monster attack bonusMonster strength bonusMagic icon.pngMonster magic strength bonusRanged icon.pngMonster ranged strength bonus
Defence icon.png Defensive stats
White dagger.pngWhite scimitar.pngWhite warhammer.pngMagic icon.pngRanged icon.png
PoisonNot immune
VenomNot immune
CannonsNot immune
ThrallsNot immune
Advanced data
Monster ID2845
Twisted LeagueThis content is present in Twisted League. Yes

Snakes (Serpentes Fellis) are serpentine monsters. On Karamja, they can be found near level 3 monkeys and level 14 scorpions. Unlike their bush snake cousins, the Karamjan snakes do not poison.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Location Levels Members Spawns Map
Ardougne Zoo5Member icon.png5Maplink
West of Corsair Cove5Free-to-play icon.png4Maplink
Karamja5Member icon.png42Maplink
Musa Point5Free-to-play icon.png4Maplink
Outside Tithe Farm5Member icon.png1Maplink
Kruk's Dungeon5Member icon.png1Maplink

Drops[edit | edit source]

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Bones.png: Snake drops Bones with rarity Always in quantity 1Bones1Always920

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Snake spine.png: Snake drops Snake spine with rarity 1/4 in quantity 1Snake spine(m)11/4[d 1][1]Not soldN/A
  1. Snake spines are only dropped during Rag and Bone Man II.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
29 March 2004

The NPC was permanently added with the launch of RuneScape 2.

1 December 2003

The NPC was added to the RuneScape 2 Beta.

Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

Snake (historical v1).png
Snake (historical v2).png
29 March 2004 –
4 April 2005
4 April 2005 –
9 August 2005
9 August 2005 –

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 21 March 2019. (Archived from the original on 18 May 2019.) Mod Ash: "The initial quest ones are guaranteed drops. The longer wish-list is 1/4."