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This article is about the Soul Wars NPC. For the music track, see Nomad (music track).
Nomad chathead.png

Nomad is a powerful warrior-mage and host of the Soul Wars minigame. He will offer free tours of the battlefield along with a short explanation of how the game works. He will also allow players to cash in Zeal Tokens earned from Soul Wars for various rewards. Nomad has an imp minion called Zimberfizz.

Nomad can upgrade the player's Soul Wars capes with ammunition saving effects when Ava's devices are used on him, this will not consume the cape or device. This also applies with an Assembler max cape and an Accumulator max cape.

Stock[edit | edit source]

sold at
bought at
Soul cape (red).pngSoul cape2500N/ANot sold
Ectoplasmator.pngEctoplasmator250N/ANot sold
Spoils of war.pngSpoils of war30N/ANot sold
Blighted bind sack.pngBlighted bind sack10N/ACoins 25.png 31
Blighted snare sack.pngBlighted snare sack10N/ACoins 100.png 118
Blighted entangle sack.pngBlighted entangle sack10N/ACoins 250.png 519
Blighted teleport spell sack.pngBlighted teleport spell sack10N/ACoins 250.png 713
Blighted vengeance sack.pngBlighted vengeance sack10N/ACoins 250.png 647
Blighted ancient ice sack.pngBlighted ancient ice sack10N/ACoins 1000.png 1,167
Blighted manta ray.pngBlighted manta ray10N/ACoins 1000.png 1,564
Blighted anglerfish.pngBlighted anglerfish10N/ACoins 1000.png 2,043
Blighted karambwan.pngBlighted karambwan10N/ACoins 1000.png 1,583
Blighted super restore(4).pngBlighted super restore(4)10N/ACoins 1000.png 8,988

Dialogue[edit | edit source]