General Hining

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NormalSong of the Elves
General Hining
General Hining.png
Released20 September 2004 (Update)
LocationTyras Camp
ExamineLeader of King Tyras's men.
Advanced data
NPC ID3437
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General Hining is the second-in-command as well as the leader of King Tyras's army and can be found in Tyras Camp. He plays a background role in the Regicide quest. He pins his hope on the catapult, seeing it as an essentiality to the lines of defence for Tyras Camp. He also has a strong disliking towards the catapult guard, finding him incompetent and a waste of army rations. After the quest Regicide, he tells the player to leave as he leads Tyras's last band of loyal soldiers to fight the 'evil forces' that are coming. In Song of the Elves, Lord Hining and his men join forces with the rebel elves of Lletya and the dwarves in the Underground Pass, when Lord Iorwerth begins his plan to bring forth the Dark Lord. Despite their efforts the resistance's defence is broken and Lord Iorwerth successfully summons the Dark Lord, but is defeated shortly afterwards. Once the war is over, General Hining and his men are allowed to keep their camp as an outpost by the Elders of Prifddinas. Hining is glad, as his soldiers get to come and go and see their families again.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • General Hining is the solution to the hard cryptic clue: A general who sets a 'shining' example. He will present the player with a puzzle box.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

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Gallery (historical)[edit | edit source]

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