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Item packs facilitate the buying of large quantities of items from a shop. The pack has a simple left-click open option. If a player has multiple packs, opening one will automatically open the remaining packs. Item packs open all their items as "noted" when unpacked.

Interestingly, despite weighing nothing, when dropped on the ground, it is half the size of a player.

List of item packs[edit | edit source]

Item Contains
Bait pack.png Bait pack 100 Fishing baits
Compost pack.png Compost pack 100 Composts
Feather pack.png Feather pack 100 Feathers
Empty bucket pack.png Empty bucket pack 100 Buckets
Empty jug pack.png Empty jug pack 100 Jugs
Empty vial pack.png Empty vial pack 100 Vials
Water-filled vial pack.png Water-filled vial pack 100 Vials of water
Olive oil pack.png Olive oil pack 100 Olive oil
Unfinished broad bolt pack.png Unfinished broad bolt pack 100 Unfinished broad bolts
Broad arrowhead pack.png Broad arrowhead pack 100 Broad arrowheads
Soft clay pack.png Soft clay pack 100 Soft clay
Amylase pack.png Amylase pack 100 Amylase crystals
Air rune pack.png Air rune pack 100 Air runes
Water rune pack.png Water rune pack 100 Water runes
Earth rune pack.png Earth rune pack 100 Earth runes
Fire rune pack.png Fire rune pack 100 Fire runes
Mind rune pack.png Mind rune pack 100 Mind runes
Chaos rune pack.png Chaos rune pack 100 Chaos runes
Eye of newt pack.png Eye of newt pack 100 Eyes of newt
Box trap pack.png Box trap pack 100 Box traps
Bird snare pack.png Bird snare pack 100 Bird snares
Magic imp box pack.png Magic imp box pack 100 Magic boxes
Bone bolt pack.png Bone bolt pack 100 Bone bolts

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 August 2020

Players can now continue moving as they open packs.