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The Translation book, or Gnome-English Translation Dictionary, is a book written by Anita. It is obtained during The Grand Tree quest to help players translate what Hazelmere, who only speaks in the Gnomic tongue, is telling them. It is also used to help solve a puzzle later in the quest. During The Eyes of Glouphrie however, players don't need the book to talk to Hazelmere, as he will use magic to communicate with the player instead.

After completing the quest, players can find the book in their bookcase in their player-owned house called "Gnome-English Translation Dictionary".

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Translation book.

Gnome-English Translation

written by Anita

This text contains ancient gnome words I have managed to translate thus far.

arpos: rocks
ando: gate
andra: city
ataris: cow

cef: threat
cheray: lazy
Cinqo: King
cretor: bucket

eis: me
es: a
et: and
eto: will

gandius: jungle
gal: all
gentis: leaf
gutus: banana
gomondo: branch

har: old
harij: harpoon
hewo: grass

ip: you
imindus: quest
irno: translate

kar: no
kai: boat
ko: sail

lauf: eye
laquinay: common sense
lemanto: man
lemantolly: stupid man
lovos: gave

meso: came
meriz: kill
mina: time(s)
mos: coin
mi: I
mond: seal

o: for

por: long
prit: with
priw: tree
pro: to

qui: guard
quir: guardian

rento: agility

sarkos: begone
sind: big

ta: the
tuzo: open

undri: lands
umesco: soul