Crystal of memories

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Crystal of memories
Crystal of memories.png
Released28 October 2020 (Update)
Removal16 March 2022 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsTeleport-back, Check-memories
DestroyYou can get this item back by talking to the Sage near Catherby.
ExamineA strong enough memory can take you back to a familiar place.
Value10 coins
AlchemyNot alchemisable
Weight0 kg
Advanced data
Item ID25104
Crystal of memories detail.png

The crystal of memories is an item obtained in the Shattered Relics League upon unlocking the Last Recall (Shattered Relics) relic. It was previously obtainable in the Trailblazer League by unlocking the Last Recall (Trailblazer) relic.

The crystal allows players to teleport themselves back to the location where their most recent teleport occurred, providing that the player possessed the crystal in their inventory upon teleporting; a chatbox message will notify players if their teleport was successfully stored.

However, the crystal will not remember the player's teleport location if they teleported from an instance or special area, such as quest areas and minigames. In addition, players cannot use the crystal if they have a pet following them, nor will it allow players to return to Entrana or Zeah.

The crystal of memories is destroyed upon death. If players lose the crystal, they can reclaim it from the Leagues Tutor in Lumbridge.

Note: The crystal does not remember the location from its own teleport.

The Crystal of memories teleport animation.