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Thurgo, the only known Imcando dwarf.

The Imcando dwarves are an ancient clan of dwarves, related to the ordinary dwarves. They are believed to have once inhabited Ice Mountain, but after the Barbarian invasions, they were scattered throughout Asgarnia. They are well-known for their masterful smithing skill, having created the original sword of Sir Vyvin's family and possibly the Shield of Arrav, and their love of Redberry pie.

A group of Imcando dwarves are also known to reside underground in the Avium Savannah. At one point, they enlisted the help of an unnamed adventurer from Hosidius to help subdue a demon that was capable of summoning torrential rainstorms,[1] in which they forged a demonbane weapon to help the adventurer.[2]

Currently the only known existing Imcando dwarf is Thurgo. Thurgo can be found south of Port Sarim and north of Mudskipper Point. He is involved in The Knight's Sword and The Giant Dwarf quests.

History[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

The Imcando existed during the God Wars, the devastation of which lead to their refusal of Zemouregal's, a Mahjarrat, request for the Shield of Arrav, one of their most powerful artefacts. It is unknown if they created the Shield, though it is assumed that they did.

In addition, it is presumed that some of them fled far west during the God Wars, eventually making their home underground in the Avium Savannah.

Arrav of Avarrocka[edit | edit source]

Arrav, after meeting Zemouregal in the Dream Land, was sent by his village's elders to find the mythical Shield of Arrav, in the possession of the Imcando dwarves. After wandering through what would later become Asgarnia, Arrav settled at the foot of a mountain (possibly Ice Mountain) where he was greeted by several Imcando. Despite their refusals of knowing the Shield, Arrav stayed with them, hoping to gain their trust. After spending many days with the Imcando and learning their arts of mining and smithing, he was given the Shield.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

A century or so ago, the Barbarians invaded and the once-thriving Imcando dwarves were nearly rendered extinct. The general belief is that they were attacked by Barbarians, though whether Arrav had anything to do with this is unknown. The remaining Imcando were scattered throughout Asgarnia, though due to their limited numbers their race is slowly dwindling. They are now largely believed to be extinct, but a handful, including Thurgo, currently live at Asgarnia's southern peninsula.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Up to their destruction, the Imcando tribe were particularly skilled in Smithing weaponry, and possibly Mining. As mentioned above, the sword of Sir Vyvin, passed down through five generations of his family, was forged by the Imcando, and the Shield of Arrav may have also been forged by them. For many hundreds of years, they were the world's most renowned smiths. The techniques used by the Imcando were secret, passed down from generation to generation, and any devices created by the Imcando are very hard to replicate.

References[edit | edit source]

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