Runecrafting Crusades

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The Runecrafting Crusades were a series of attacks made by a faction of Fremenniks, led by Gunnar during the years 42 to 62 of the Fifth Age. The Fremenniks invaded in response to mortals using magic and creating runes, which the Fremennik thought was defying the will of the gods.

Even though Crusades ended with loss of Fremennik, all sides of the war suffered heavy losses. Further attacks against magic-using and runecrafting people were planned but never came to fruition.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik[edit | edit source]

Since ancient times, most Fremenniks have thought of magic as a gift that very few people should be able to use. For a long time, limited numbers of humans were capable of wielding such powerful power since humans weren't naturally gifted with magic. This stood in contrast to the Moon Clan who embraced magic with all its possibilities and leading to an age-long dispute between the Fremenniks and the Moon Clan.

The Fremenniks were strongly opposed to mortals using magic, and the atrocities unleashed by magical races during the God Wars only made their contempt of the art even stronger. The art of magic was in great decline as the 4th age progressed and the supplies of runes dwindled, even without magic humans were able to overpower many magical races.

The discovery of Runes[edit | edit source]

In the last years of the 4th Age, the Rune essence mine was discovered. Mages found they were able to bind their magic into those newly discovered rocks, thus marking the creation of first man-made runes in ages and thus ushered the beginning of the 5th age.

Spread of runecrafting[edit | edit source]

Mages started to experiment with these newly rediscovered magical stones, and a group of mages built the Wizards' Tower to aid each other in the studies of magic and runes. News about these magical rocks that could enable anyone to control magic spread fast within Gielinor, leading to a spike in demand.

The beginning[edit | edit source]

Soon enough, news about humans making runes reached the Fremenniks in Rellekka, sparking much discord. Some Fremennik believed that in order to prevent the defiance of the gods, runecrafters and their kingdoms must be eliminated. This caused a great stir amongst the people living in Rellekka.

The Fremennik's hatred of magic users grew until the Fremennik Warlord Gunnar decided to muster an army of like-minded people from Rellekka and nearby villages to move towards Misthalin, thus signaling the start of the runecrafting crusades.

Runecrafting altars[edit | edit source]

The highest priority of this crusade was destroying Runecrafting altars. The Fremennik worked to destroy all known altars, but they lacked the knowledge necessary to do so. In reality, they only succeeded in destroying the entrances to the altars, leaving the altars themselves unscathed. The Fremennik were however not aware of the location of all runecrafting altars. The Ourania altar and the Astral altar survived.

Curiously the Blood altar, Cosmic altar, and Death altar are also in ruins, although they are located in places the Fremennik would be unlikely to reach: beneath Meiyerditch, on Zanaris and within the Temple of Light respectively.

Fremennik sympathizers[edit | edit source]

With the partially successful invasion, word about the cause of the war got to defending lands. Even though most people stood with the runecrafters, some felt that magic runes could be very dangerous and started to acknowledge the meaning of all this blood shed.

In year 47, sympathizers from the kingdoms of Misthalin and Al Kharid destroyed the original Mage Training Arena. It was later rebuilt with its original guardians and is now heavily guarded by charmed warriors to defend against any future attacks.

Imcando Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Other than humans, skilled smithers known as Imcando dwarves were also known to use some magic, specifically superheat, although the runes for this were provided by the White Knights. Since attacks against Falador were unsuccessful, Fremenniks started to launch a series of attacks against Imcandos and almost erased the whole race. The only known living Imcando is Thurgo, but it's likely there are more in hiding. With the discovery of the Ruins of Camdozaal, it was found that the Imcando Ramarno survived the Fremennik Crusades, while he believed himself to be the only remaining member of his race.

The End[edit | edit source]

Even though barbarians had many successful offensives, they were forced to retreat due to their great loss of warriors. The last few living barbarians established a new home near River Lum, now called Barbarian Village. Further invasions were planned, but they seem to have fizzled out with the offspring of once great invaders choosing to instead live their lives in relative peace.

Results[edit | edit source]

Most runecrafting altars' entrances were destroyed with the various exceptions. All sides of the war suffered heavy losses of both soldiers and civilians. Heaviest hit were the Imcando Dwarves who nearly went extinct.