Runecrafting Crusades

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Runecrafting Crusades were numerous attacks of fremmenik, led by Gunnar during the years 42 to 62 of 5th Age. Reason of invasion was response to nongods creating magic runes, which fremmenik thought was defing gods will.

Even though Crusades ended with loss of fremmenik, all sides of war still suffered heavy loss. Further attacks against human were planned which never occurred.

History[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

The Fremmenik[edit | edit source]

Since arrival, Fremmenik have thought magic is gift that only couple people should be able to use. For long time, only few humans were capable of wielding such powerful power since humans weren't gifted with a lot of magic in their race.

Fremmenik have been greatly against mortals using magic and monstrosities unleashed by magical races during the great God Wars surely only made their hate of the art even stronger. Having no desire of using magic, art of magic was in great decline as 4th age progressed when humans overpowered many magical races.

The discovery of Runes[edit | edit source]

In last few days of 4th Age Rune essence mine was discovered. Mages were able to bind their magic into those newly discovered rocks, thus marking creation of first man-made runes and beginning of 5th age.

Spreading of runecrafting[edit | edit source]

With newly discovered magical rocks, mages started to experiment with them. A Group of mages built Wizard's tower to help out each other instudies of magicc and runes. News about magical rocks with what anyone could use to control magic spreaded fast within gielinor which led to mass need. Members of Moon Clan created runecrafting altars which everyone could use to make magic runes without the need of having any magic in themself.

The beginning[edit | edit source]

Soon enough, news about humans making runes reached fremmenik. This sparked big discord between Fremmeniks of Relleka who had different ideas of what should be done. Some thought that inorder to stop all of this defing of god, kingdoms of those people must be stomped to death. This caused a great stir amonst the people living in Relleka.

Hate of people grew denser and denser until Fremmenik Warlord Gunnar started to gather like minded people from Relleka and nearby villages. Soon enough he had big enough army and started to move towards Misthalin.

Runecrafting altars[edit | edit source]

Biggest target of this crusade were Runecrafting altars. Barbarians started to destroy them one by one, destroying every single one known to them. In reality, only entrances were destroyed. Barbarians also didn't have knowledge of Ourania and Astral runecrafting altars which to this day stand without a scratch.

Fremmenik possibly had sympathizers in Meiyerditch, Zanaris and Elven regions since it's unlikely barbarians were able to access any of those places to destroy Blood, Cosmic and Death altars.

Fremmenik sympathizers[edit | edit source]

With partially successful invasion by fremmenik, word about the cause of this war got to defending lands. Even though most people stood with the new techniques, some felt that magic runes could be very dangerous and started to greatly aknowledge the meaning of all this blood shed.

In year 47, sympathizers from the kingdoms of Misthalin and Al kharid destroyed the original Mage Training Arena. It was later rebuilt with it's original guardians. It's now heavily guarded by charmed warriors to defend against any future attacks.

Imcando Dwarves[edit | edit source]

Other than humans, super smithers known as Imcando dwarves were also ones to use some magic, specifically superheat, although the runes for that were provided by Falador white knights. Since attacks against Falador were unsuccessful, they started to launch series of attacks against Imcandos and almost erased the whole race. Currently only known living Imcando is Thurgo but it's likely there is more in hiding.

The End[edit | edit source]

Even though barbarians had many successful waves, after many losses they had to retreat. Last few alive barbarians established new home near River Lum now called Barbarian village. Further invasions were planned, but they seem to have buried the hatchet with offsprings of once great invaders starting to live their lifes in cities like Varrock.

Results[edit | edit source]

Most runecrafting altars' entrences were destroyed with exception only being Ourania and Astral altar which don't have known entrence to access them other than walk to them. All sides of war suffered heavy losses of military- and partially civil power. Heaviest hit took Imcando Dwarves who went nearly extinct.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

It is not known how cosmic-, death- and blood entrances were destroyed since they all stood in places where it's very unlikely fremmenik had any access.